About Heri Diaspora

Having spread its wings far and wide, Heri Homes has made a remarkable growth in the present year by reaching out into the international market. The response has been positive as we offer home solutions that are practical and sustainable.

The company`s marketers are working round the clock to create awareness locally,in the U.S, Canada,  Dubai, United Kingdom and now Australia . Having done their research in these countries, they have positioned themselves stragically to ensure our products are well known.

Heri Diaspora Services

Apartments/Homes & Land Sales

Our Diaspora Offices offer you the ease of purchase of your piece of land, apartment for investment or home. It lays out the various products on offer and guides you through the purchase process. You will find sound advice and guidance at our diaspora offices.

Client Support

We provide client support close to you in your diaspora venture. Our Diaspora teams avail themselves to offer you customized support by understanding each client's needs within the diaspora circle you are in.

Consultation & Advisory

Clients in the various diaspora countries around the world are able to consult and seek advice, on property investment, with our offices in the diaspora. You never go wrong seeking such counsel from our diaspora experts.

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