USA Diaspora

Over the last couple of years, Heri homes has had a steady growth and one of its core objectives is expansion.
A couple of years ago Heri homes expanded its wings to Britain and opened a subsidiary marketing office which has greatly helped in bridging the gap in service accessibility between UK and Kenya and core objectives is working towards enhancing its service delivery , improving communication, advisory services, creating strategic patnerships with UK firms,organising business forums and events/exhibitions showcasing Kenyan products to the UK market and general support of UK kenyan based business/social activities through part/full sponsorships.
So far we have participated in many Kenyan based events and activities both business and social and will continue to support such and be the linkage in the real estate sector between the two countries.
Having being in the UK for over 4 years now, its presence is much stronger and brand visibility is growing by the day with many diasporians living in the UK appreciating services offered within an arms reach. Gone are the days you had to make endless expensive international calls for follow up on or sad stories of unanswered emails, leaving diasporians feeling helpless and frustrated just for trivial services.
Our presence in the diaspora has taught us afew invaluable lessons which have made us understand the needs of the diaspora market and look for solutions best suited for this type of market.
Our aim is to be the preffered real estate company to invest in targeting diasporians living in Britain & Europe .